Jason Smith - Director of Campaign Mgmt
Let's talk about how our team of Account Managers, Account Coordinators & Virtual Assistants can turn cold leads into warm prospects for you on LinkedIn (so you can focus on running your business)

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Our Clients Get Results!
The ACCELERATOR PACKAGE will AMPLIFY & SPEED UP your results with LinkedIn (and save you hundreds of dollars) by working directly with your own Account Manager and Virtual Assistant who will fill your sales pipeline with qualified prospects (letting you focus on running your business and doing what you do best)!
  •  Dedicated Account Manager 
  •  Dedicated Account Coordinator
  •  Dedicated Virtual Assistant
  •  Weekly Consulting & Coaching
  •  Unlimited Email Support
  •  Fully Executed LinkedIn Campaigns
  •  LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  •  Ideal Prospect Profile Creation
  •  LinkedIn Campaign Messaging Scripts
  •  Outreach To 3000 Prospects
  •  Prospect Monitoring & Reporting
  •  And more...
About Jason Smith
Hi, I’m Jason Smith - the Director of Campaign Management for Linked Into Leads & 30 Day Sales Machine. And, I oversee all of our Accelerator Package client campaigns.  

If you have any questions about the Accelerator Package, don't hesitate to ask. Whatever pain point or frustration you are feeling in generating qualified prospects for your business right now, it's likely I've worked with other members that have experienced the same thing. 

And, I'm happy to provide you with honest feedback on whether or not this package is right for you and your business. I look forward to hearing from and working with you soon!